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The .tech domains have been adopted by many tech companies. It's common, today, to find out websites like, or That's why we changed our domain to

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Transcription ↓

Boss: Ah! Good that you’re here. I wanted to talk about something important.
Boss: I have been told that you guys are using Tabs. I think you know already what our startup’s principles are, regarding the Tabs v. Spaces issue. And what is this I hear about using Capital letters in commit messages?
Programmer: All right, boss. Those things sure are important. But you know what’s really important? Being relevant over being generic.
Programmer: Good lord! The company's domain name is terrible! Why not use a domain like
Programmer: It’s smarter, shorter, impactful and also, let’s be honest, just a better domain name.
Boss: No, I have a better idea...
Boss: Why don't we change our domain name to It’s smarter, shorter, impactful... and a really better name!
Programmers: PLOP!


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